Tuesday, January 20, 2009

US Consulate Appointment 1/22/09

Thursday we have our appointment with the US Consulate. We have to stand in front of the officials and take an oath on behalf of Jonah's citizenship. We also will receive his official US visa to enter the United States.

We took our last group photo with the families today, since two of the families fly out this evening. Many of the children dressed in their new Chinese outfits. Jonah is sporting his dragon outfit. We were lucky to spend two weeks with these wonderful families and will miss them when we go our separate ways. We hope to keep in touch through our blog pages. Maybe even have a reunion someday.

Today we are packing our stuff to get ready to return home!!! We hope it all fits in the suitcase. We leave the hotel early Friday morning to drive to the airport and then fly to Shanghai where we have a six hour lay-over. Half of the group will be with us at the airport, so the kids should have lots of time to play together. After a 14 hour flight from Shanghai, we land in Chicago and then finally home. The Grandparents and kids will be at the airport to greet us. What a homecoming Jonah will have!!!

Thanks for following our journey to bring Jonah home. Check back from time to time for an update on the kids and how Jonah is adjusting to family life. You can also follow the blog and see how the treatment of Jonah's clubfoot is progressing.

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