Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Museum 1/21/09

Wednesday our guides Rosa & Maggie are going to the US Consulate to deliver and review our paperwork with the officials. Tomorrow we have our appointment with the US Consulate. We will be happy when all this paperwork is done! We are so ready to enjoy our three kids together and watch them grow. We are missing our kids at home so much and can't wait to see them on Friday. We can't thank the Grandparents enough for watching them these last couple of weeks. I think our children will always remember spending that special time with them.

After lunch we went to visit a Folk Art Museum. Our favorite exhibit was the hand woven silk pictures. The detail was absolutely amazing.

That evening we went to a Thai family style restaurant with all the families. The Asian staff entertained us with American singing and dancing. It was a little scary for Jonah, but he calmed down when daddy held him.

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