Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jonah is home at last!! 1/23/09

After a very long 14 hour flight, we are finally home!! We got through customs at the Chicago Airport just in time to make our flight home. Jonah did very good on the plane ride home considering it was so long and not being able to crawl for that long was tough on him. He slept on and off for the entire flight, this time making sure he woke up for every meal and snack that was served. He flew four times in the last week we were in China, I think he is ready to retire his wings for a while. We were met at the airport by the kids and Grandparents. Everyone was so excited to see him! The kids each held him in their lap before strapping him into his car seat for his first ride home. Let's say that he was not too fond of the car seat and cried all the way to the house. In China they don't use car seats, they just hold the babies in their laps. This was the first of many new experiences that he will have with us. We walked in the door around 10:oo pm and the kids were still very much awake and excited to finally get to play with their new little brother. We got our first family photo under a sign that the kids made for us while we were gone. Now it was time to get all the kids to sleep after a very long day. Jonah fell asleep a little after 11:00, but to my surprise he was up at 2:00 am and wanted to play for several hours before finally going back to bed at 6:oo am. This whole jet lag thing is harder on babies and parents than I had anticipated. We are now on day 5 after our return and he still likes to play at night, but now it is only two hours or so. I guess he is still on "China time" and probably will be for a couple of more weeks. But we are hanging in there and enjoying every minute with our new addition to the family. His big sister is such a big help to her tired mom. She helps dress Jonah and feed him his cereal and bottle. She even keeps him out of trouble when I'm trying to get dinner started. His big brother has showed him that it's fun to brush your teeth and take a bath. He even tried to teach him how to hang from the kitchen table when I wasn't looking. Jonah is such a cutie and full of personality! I can't believe how well he is fitting into our family. It must be a "God thing," how else could this amazing little boy be given to us.

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  1. Hello!! Let's get an update in here people!! :) Hope things are settling down for you and that the sleeping times have normalized!!
    Miss ya!