Friday, January 16, 2009

Temple & Musuem 1/16/09

Friday we get Jonah's Chinese passport so we can fly with him to Guangzhou tomorrow. Jonah is becoming more playful everyday and showing us his cute personality. He is now pulling himself up and walking around his crib. He holds onto the side of the crib when he walks. I think he feels a little off centered when walking because of his right club foot. We have a feeling he will be walking all over as soon as he gets comfortable on his foot.

We visited two temples today. The Buddhist and Taoism Temple. We learned something very interesting today. Jonah is from a minority group called Hani and this group believes in Christianity.

We then went to the Minority Museum. Here we got to explore artifacts passed down from the Hani minority group. Such things as costumes, head dressings, jewelry, painting, and art. It was a neat feeling learning about Jonah's heritage today. We are grateful to our guide for him sharing his knowledge with us. He is searching the bookstores today to try and find us a book on the Hani minority group. We want to pass this information onto Jonah when he gets old enough to understand and has questions about where he came from. We feel the more we learn about his heritage the closer we become to him.


  1. Hi guys! Great catching up with you tonight, and I enjoyed reading your blog. Jonah is adorable! We are looking forward to hanging with you this week again.

    Dan & Becky Hay

  2. He is so cute. I just gave your blog an award for letting us watch this precious journey.