Friday, January 16, 2009

Stone Forest & Farm 1/15/09

Thursday we traveled by free way to Stone Forest. This natural monument is located less than two hours from Kaiyuan City (Yunnan Province), the city where Jonah's orphanage was located. The long drive gave us a chance to see what the country side would have looked like by his orphanage. When we arrived at Stone Forest we were amazed at the size of these rock formations, it's like nothing we have ever seen before. We climbed to the highest point to get a panoramic view of the area. Jonah likes traveling in his hip carrier and being out doors. He is always looking up at the sky. I guess he didn't see the sky very much in the orphanage. Good thing his Aunt gave him a pair of sunglasses for Christmas. On the way up we touched special rocks that are believed to bring good fortune, longevity, happy marriage, and good health (we touched Jonah's foot to this rock so it will be healed).

On the way back to Kunming we stopped at a local restaurant and enjoyed a very tasty meal. We have become pretty good at using chop sticks. We then visited a small farming village. There were children running all around and they ran up to get a closer look at us and Jonah. One of the families was preparing lots of food for a wedding. Corn is there major crop and they use water buffalo to harvest the fields.

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