Monday, January 19, 2009

Fly to Guangzhou 1/17/09

Saturday we flew to Guangzhou, our last stop in China before heading home. Jonah did awesome on his first flight, just a little crying on the take off & landing. We had an extra seat beside us and he slept the whole 1 hour flight (he even slept through the meal & he doesn't like to miss a meal)!

We landed after a short flight and met some other families at the baggage claim. After being on our own all last week it was nice to be reunited with the rest of the families again. It was neat to finally meet everyone's child and hear about their Gotcha Day.

We are staying at the Asia International Hotel. A very nice hotel with a revolving restaurant on the top 45 th floor that overlooks the entire city.

Guangzhou is the home of the United States Consulate. This is where we pick up Jonah's US visa.

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