Friday, January 16, 2009

Grandview Park & Tea House 1/14/09

Wednesday we received public record documents of Jonah's abandonment and some other important notarized adoption documents.

Today we took Jonah to the Grand View Park. The park was centered around a lake and was brightly decorated for the Chinese New Year which occurs on January 25. After the park, we visited the Yunnan Hongpu Tea Co., LTD. We sat in a special room and participated in tea tasting. We tried the Yunnan famous Puer Tea that was aged for eight years. Jonah tried the Stemma Tea (Sleeping Beauty) he loved it and had a nice nap from it. Our guide Jerry took us to a local noodle house. The appetizer began with fried bumble bees. Needless to say, we passed on the bees and enjoyed the main course which was a big bowl of boiling broth and we added things like various non-identified meats, egg, vegetables, plants, and flowers. The broth was boiling hot so that it could cook the thinly sliced meats and egg. Jonah played it safe and ate a big bowl of rice noodles and gold fish.

Jonah is becoming more comfortable with us everyday. He crawls to us and wants to be picked up. He is a speed crawler and gets all over the hotel room and gets into everything just like a 17 month old should. He is now smiling when he sees us and when he looks at his sister and brother's picture. He likes to be held upside down and tickled (he will fit into our family just fine). He has an adorable laugh that brings joy to our heart.

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