Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sight Seeing in Beijing 1/11/09

Sunday we began with church at 0930 at the Beijing International Christian Fellowship, (Must have a passport to enter). Wow, what a great service, we were moved by the band and the message. We have never heard "Amazing Grace" sung so loudly and with such conviction. This was a great experience and is recommended for all to visit if you come to Beijing. We returned to the hotel and checked out, the luggage was sent to the airport and we headed off to eat lunch. Lunch was very good, we had some Peking Duck and other Chinese food. After lunch we headed to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. It was very cold outside. The Tiananmen Square is a nice wide open space with lots of people around. We headed inside to the Forbidden City to look around. The Forbidden City has 9999 rooms inside and many building to look at. Then we headed to the Birds Nest & Water Cube where the 2008 Olympic Games were held. Also, very cold most people stayed on the bus and I ran out to get a picture. Very unique and creative looking buildings. Next we were off to the airport and hurried to our flight. At this point, we left the guide and were on our own. On the plane we were two of four Americans. It's an odd feeling being half way around the world. We landed in Kunming after our three hour flight. Jerry, our guide met us at the gate and took us to the Bank Hotel in Kunming. Off to bed we went because tomorrow is "Gotcha Day," the day we have been waiting for over two years. Tomorrow we meet Jonah! The

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