Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sight Seeing in Beijing 1/10/09

Saturday we began our sight seeing tour of Beijing. Our guides Rosa and Maggie were very knowledgeable of the Chinese culture and the history of China. Our tour began at the Summer Palace. This was a very interesting place where the Emperors lived during the summer months. They would travel from the Forbidden City to the Summer Palace and enjoy life by the lake. The buildings were beautifully designed and constructed, every little detail was considered. It is amazing how much work went into these buildings. The next stop was the Jade factory. We were shown how to distinguish between the different qualities of Jade, the harder the Jade the higher the quality. Kristen purchased a bracelet from the factory. Next, we stopped for lunch and enjoyed some Chinese food and more shopping. The last stop of the day was the Great Wall of China at Badaling. The Great Wall was very steep and the weather was very cold. We could not feel our fingers or toes after the climb. After the climb we drank a cup of coffee at the shop and enjoyed the company of our travel mates. We also had a group picture done at the Great Wall and enjoyed the ride back to the hotel in a nice warm bus.

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