Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gotcha Day 1/12/09

Monday morning is Gotcha Day!!! We are very excited because today we get to go meet our little boy Jonah. He is with the President of the orphanage at the Civil Affairs Office in Kunming waiting for us to come. The only way I know to describe the feeling both of us had is to compare this day to the day we gave birth to our two other children. The drive there was very quiet, as we both were too anxious to talk. When we got to the building where Jonah was, we walked in the door and saw him sitting on a woman's lap. As soon as she saw us she handed Jonah to me and at that point I had tears in my eyes. We just couldn't believe this moment was really happening. Jonah didn't cry when we held him, he just looked at us like he was studying our faces. He even fell asleep in my arms as we finalized the paperwork. We then had to wake him up to get a our first family photo taken. Then off we went back to the hotel with Jonah, he did good on the car ride. When we got to the hotel, Jonah sat on his blanket and played with some toys we had packed for him and enjoyed some gold fish and cheerios for the first time. For that first day he continued to check us out and stared at us with his beautiful dark brown eyes. We snuggled him a lot, but also tried to give him his space to take in all the new things around him.

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  1. Congratulations!! looking forward to meet Jonah..have a safe journey.

    Eric & Jackie Lafontaine