Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flying to Beijing 1/9/09

Our journey to get Jonah began with a 14 hr flight from the United States to Beijing. This was a very long flight which tested the bravest of fliers. After landing in Beijing on Friday at 7pm, we journeyed through customs and collected our bags. The guide was waiting for us as we exited baggage claim. Here we met with most of the other special need families that were adopting from China. What a great group of people. Very tried from the flight but you could still see the excitement on their faces. The baggage was loaded on the bus and off to the Best Western - Premier in Beijing. A very nice hotel with comfortable beds and internet service to be able to connect to the family back home with Skype. At the front desk a Panda Phone was waiting to connect us to the rest of the world. We settled in for the night to finally get some sleep. At this point we had not slept in 27 hrs and were very tired from flying. Of course our sleep was cut short and we were up at 0300 and still on EST.

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