Monday, January 19, 2009

Shopping at Ershadao Island 1/18/09

Sunday we headed to Ershadao Island to do some shopping. We found some silk Chinese outfits for the kids and we were very excited to find a Starbucks Coffee shop to chill out at after shopping all morning. Jonah was ready to get out of his baby carrier and stretch his legs and enjoy some apple juice and gold fish crackers (his favorite snack).

Back at the hotel, some of the parents headed to a conference room to take part in a two hour "paper party." This is where all the paperwork for Jonah's US visa was filled out. I stayed back at the room with Jonah and attempted to give him a bath. Let's just say this, taking a bath is not one of his favorite things to do.

That night we ate at an Italian restaurant with two other families and their children. We love Chinese food, but it was nice to have a change of pace and enjoy some food that reminded us of home. After dinner, we let the children get together in a hotel room and play. Jonah has made friends with a little girl his same age. They were speed crawling around the room racing each other and giggling the whole way.

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