Monday, January 19, 2009

Yuntai Gardens 1/19/09

Monday we visited the Yuntai Gardens. This was a botanical garden filled with beautiful red roses and other exotic flowers and plants. Jonah slept through the entire walk through the gardens. We got to enjoy some quiet time together and hike up the stairs to the look-out point.

I hate to say it, but we ate lunch at a McDonald's. Guangzhou is a very westernized city, so you can find McDonald's, Pizza Hut, & KFC around every corner. Jonah had his first Happy Meal that came with a toy that spoke in Chinese. After lunch, we enjoyed a long walk around town with some other families. Jonah got a nice nap with his belly full of chicken nuggets and french fries.

Tonight we are planning on eating at the People's Cafe. A cafe we scoped out during our afternoon walk. The weather is so nice in the evening, we are hoping to get all the families together and eat outside on the patio.

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  1. Nothing wrong with an occasional chicken nugget! He looks so sweet.